Power Steering Servicing


What does a Power steering service involve?

Power steering fluid is the hydraulic fluid that transmits the power in power steering. When you have a power steering service at Crudwell Garage we add the BG power steering cleaner to the system and operate the power steering, this is the cleaning process removing the power steering residues. The power steering system is then flushed using the BG service rig, removing the dirty power steering fluid containing the residues and adding clean BG power steering fluid. A full Crudwell Garage power steering service will involve removing the residues from the entire steering system with BG products for ensuring smoother, quiet operation. A BG power steering service also ensures no leaks, sticking or wear of parts occurs.

Not many people realise that if they fail to maintain their Power steering properly they can incur problems. If the cars power steering pump is chewed up it will have to be replaced which can be a costly business.

Crudwell Garage provide a comprehensive range of Power steering servicing options.

Service using Semi-Synthetic fluid £74.95 + Vat

Service using Fully-Synthetic fluid £89.95 + Vat